ESG Programmes


ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Programmes

At Syrma SGS, sustainability is at the core of Business strategy and the same is achieved through integration of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) programmes across all the business functions.

These ESG programmes are Developed and monitored by Task force Team which is cross functional having members from various business functions.Sustainability is programme managed by senior level executive and monitored by Board on regular basis.

The three pillars of sustainability – Environment (E), Social (S), Governance (G) @ Syrma SGS

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Environment Pillar

@ Syrma SGS, Environmental management system (EMS) is considered as the first step toward sustainability and accordingly the environmental management system is reviewed and updated at regular intervals. Employees must incorporate the EMS contents into their daily operations. Our environmental management efforts include,

  • Comply with environmental protection laws and related rules.
  • Continuous improvements to environmental management practices 
  • Actively classify, recycle, and reuse waste generated.
  • Resource conservation measures
  • Green House Emission reduction

Some of the Mitigation measures planned @ Syrma SGS to reduce GHG emissions are,

  • Renewable Energy Generation
  • Green Energy Procurement
  • Energy reduction thru regular monitoring
  • Explore recycling of waste generated/waste reduction.
  • Reuse of packaging materials 
  • Procure items processed thru lower level of GHS emissions. 
  • Create awareness across organisation.
  • Regular monitoring of GHG and reporting thru BI Tool (which helps in analysing the trends and drive actions)
  • Setting up Organisation level Targets for Net Zero/GHG emission reductions

Social Pillar

People are the cornerstone of Syrma SGS sustainable development and this is clearly visible from our vision. we strive to create the most satisfying, rewarding and assuring workplace and the policies are in line with this principle. There is strong focus on Diversity @ Syrma SGS and our women employees contributes to 65 % of total workforce. We also conduct various training programmes and encourage employee growth from inside. Syrma SGS also offers
internship for students of various engineering disciplines.

Employee welfare is given due credit at Syrma SGS and accordingly various welfare measures are taken.

Workplace safety and health of employees has always been very important for Syrma SGS. A workplace with a healthy, happy, and safe work culture ensured the workplace certified by ‘’Great place to work “

Governance Pillar

Syrma SGS regards corporate social responsibility as an integral part of sustainable operation. We are a public Limited company listed for trading on the NSE (National stock Exchange) & BSE (Mumbai Stock Exchange).

The company operations are monitored by Executive Board which constitutes experts from various functions on regular basis under the leadership of Chairman.

Syrma SGS has established its board of directors pursuant to the “Company Act” and other relevant regulations and governance principles.

Compliance to various govt policies, rules, regulations is utmost priority @ Syrma SGS and the same is ensured by Company secretary & Compliance officer by strictly adhering to corporate governance policies and practices.

Board, Exe management of Syrma SGS is committed to sustainable development policies and goals and support operations in achieving the same.