BLDC Modules for Fan

Brushless DC (BLDC) motor module for a fan typically consists of a brushless DC motor, a driver circuit, and a control system. The motor itself consists of a rotor with permanent magnets and a stator with coils that generate a rotating magnetic field. The driver circuit converts DC voltage into a variable-frequency AC voltage to drive the motor, and the control system regulates the speed and direction of the motor.

BLDC modules for fans are popular because they offer several advantages over traditional brushed DC motors, including higher efficiency, longer life, quieter operation, and greater control over speed and torque.

BLDC Low Voltage Fan with IR Remote

BLDC Low Voltage Fan with Regulator

BLDC Low Voltage Fan With RF Remote


Dedicated sheet metal manufacturing to support turnkey manufacturing

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VMC & CNC Turn mills – DMG

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Critical Communication Solutions


Our Critical Communication division was established in 2001 as 3G Wireless Communications Pvt Ltd, a market leader in the Indian Two-way radio market and a well-known name in the radio industry. Later, it was merged into Syrma Technology Pvt. Ltd, which continued to support public safety, oil and gas, and paramilitary forces in the Digital Radio Communication domain, and we recently changed our name from Syrma Technology Pvt. Ltd to Syrma SGS Technology Ltd. to better serve our customers in India.


Solutions offered in:


·       APCO 25 Phase I & Phase II System·       Point to Point/Multipoint Link
·       DMR Tier II & Tier III System·       Wireless Automatic Remote Sirens
·       TETRA Trunk Systems·       Voice Recorders
·       Unified Vehicle System

·       Communication Consultancy

·       Two Way Radio Accessories

·       Custom Solutions



RFID Tags & Inlays


We offer a complete catalog of high-performance LF/HF/UHF epoxy or silicone tags designed for extended use under even the harshest conditions, along with air coil/ferrite transponders available in glass or clear laminate encapsulations. This broad spectrum of sizes and form factors promises to offer the perfect choice for embedded or external tagging of any asset or product. We also design multi-protocol, custom-made RFID readers compatible with standard tags and connect with iOS and Android devices. Talk to us about developing a custom tag to your specifications.



RFID Readers

Our RFID solutions include custom tags, readers, and software for various applications, such as asset tracking, product authentication, and performance measurement. Our versatile USB or audio jack, multi-protocol RFID readers cap off our end-to-end RFID solutions, quickly adapting your PC or mobile device to directly program, scan, and record our LF/HF/UHF tags and transponders. Our readers are compliant with global ISO standards, reflecting 40 years of quality electronics expertise. They also connect with both iOS and Android devices. We can custom-tailor a turnkey RFID solution to meet the precise requirements of your wireless networking application. Our RFID tags and readers cater to a wide range of applications such as Access Control, Asset Management, Authentication and Identification.



Custom Magnetic Chokes

Our ferrite core transformers, both through-hole and SMD type, have up to 500W with a frequency of 300KHz. Our inductors operate over a wide range of frequencies, input voltages, and inductance values. Our magnetic chokes protect circuits from high-frequency alternating current and allow for low-frequency direct current. We offer a comprehensive catalog of common-mode magnetic chokes, including toroidal core, epoxy-encapsulated, and three-phase chokes, including:

  • High current chokes for industrial welding
  • Large volume chokes for EMI/RFI filters
  • Bobbin wound, toroidal, SMT, and PTH



Magnetic Inductors

Our inductors can be designed to operate over a wide range of frequencies, input voltages, and inductance values. They can be varnish impregnated, molded, or potted with epoxy in an enclosure. Magnetic inductors are available with fly leads, PCB pins, solder terminals, or screw terminals. Our magnetic inductors can be fixed, shielded, and tordial and use many standard mounting styles. We provide the following magnetic inductors:

  • Air core
  • Common mode
  • Ferrite core
  • Fixed inductors
  • Powdered iron core
  • Power line chokes/filters
  • Shielded inductors
  • Toroidal inductors



Magnetic Transformers

Syrma SGS Technology’s ferrite core transformers are typically produced up to 500W with a typical frequency of up to 300KHz. Ferrite cores are available in many shapes, including E, EC, EP, ETD, PC (pot), PQ, RM, RS (slab), rods, TC (toroidal), and U. We manufacture both through-hole and SMD type transformers. We manufacture a full line of magnetic transformers:

  • Ferrite/metal powder/nano-crystalline E core transformers
  • High-frequency toroidal transformers
  • Impedance matching transformers
  • Pot core/RM transformers
  • Other geometries EI/EF/ER/EFD/EP
  • Signal transformers