RFID Technology Tracks & Records Data about Animals
RFID Technology Tracks & Records Data about Animals

Apr 01, 2019

Farmers, ranchers, and other livestock professionals use RFID solutions to track and record a variety of data, such as how much a cow is being fed daily and how many male horses are on a ranch at a given time. And those applications are quickly expanding into new areas, including advanced record-keeping requirements for international animal exportation. In addition to tracking general animal locations, RFID tags can collect other useful data for analyzing long-term trends such as genetic problems, health issues, and even potential social risks in a given herd or flock.

The Right RFID Tag for Every Animal

RFID tags attached to an individual animal can hold basic data, like its birth date, breeding details, and what inoculations it has received. Since tags can detect if an animal is unwell, livestock owners can address any health problems before getting out of control. Sensors can also relay valuable data about the animal’s eating habits and weight. When comparing the collected data of a group of cows, you can determine which animal in the group eats first and which cows prefer to eat with other cows.

Details about the social habits of cows can also be captured thanks to RFID tags. Our wide range of RFID animal tags makes up a large section of our catalog of RFID solutions. This includes external ear tags suited for cattle and transponders designed for smaller animals, including birds and even shellfish. Our animal tags combine long-term durability with exceptional HF/LF/UHF read ranges for optimal performance for any livestock tracking application.

Backed by 40 Years of Expertise

We contribute our 40 years of design and manufacturing expertise spanning multiple diverse markets. We look forward to discussing how we can deliver world-class products for OEMs across the globe. We understand our home Indian market, familiar with its vast regulatory and selling environments. We foster growth opportunities within India through our strong technology incubation ecosystem. We also assist global OEMs in entering the Indian market by leveraging the local supply chain and favorable operating environments for cost reductions.

Our flagship Chennai location opened in 2006 and lies within a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for electronics manufacturing, offering economic incentives for imports and exports. This primary facility is within 90 minutes of the Chennai seaport and 20 minutes to the international airport. Additional road and rail connectivity links to the rest of India and beyond and infrastructure advantages with faster import and export clearances. We also have labor force flexibility, both technical and manual, to scale to demand rapidly.

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