Business Standard: RFID Maker Syrma to Expand Capacity
Business Standard: RFID Maker Syrma to Expand Capacity

Oct 18, 2018

Global electronic manufacturers are now looking at India for sourcing products/components due to the trade war between the US and China. We’re putting up new production lines here to expand our manufacturing capacity. We’re catering to the increased orders, said a top official of Syrma SGS Technology, a major electronics system design, and manufacturing service provider. Syrma’s team makes printed circuit boards (PCB), box builds radio-frequency identification (RFID), magnetic products (chokes, inductors, transformers), and memory products. “We’re expanding our capacity and investing in the new production lines for PCBs in the Madras Export Processing Zone (MEPZ). Each line may involve an investment of about $2.5-3M,” said Sreeram Srinivasan. Syrma’s global electronic product manufacturers are now looking at alternative sourcing points owing to the trade war between two of the biggest economies.

“Our decision to invest in the new production facility and to expand capacity for PCB is due to the increased orders,” Srinivasan said. The company will be shifting the PCB production lines from its existing facility in MEPZ to the new facility. It also mulls, adding more PCB lines in the new facility. With the shifting of PCB lines to a new facility, Syrma will put up additional RFID production lines in the available vacant space, greatly increasing their manufacturing capacity. According to Srinivasan, the company plans to invest about $10M over the next couple of years in expansion here. Syrma recently commissioned its fifth production facility in Bawal, Haryana, to made PCBs for the Indian market while the units in MEPZ serve the export markets. “The smart city projects and the automotive sector offers good potential for us,” Srinivasan said. “In the automotive sector, the battery management systems for electric vehicles will become big. In the next three years, 25% of our turnover will be from the battery management systems.”

Last year, Syrma SGS Technology logged a turnover of about Rs 200 crore, and this year the company is targeting Rs 300 crore. Srinivasan said the company supplies RFID tags for surgical sponge makers. “The RFID tags are stitched in surgical sponges. This will enable personnel in hospital operation theatres to have a count of surgical sponges used. It’ll also help in the check out whether any surgical sponges were left inside a person during an operation,” Srinivasan said. According to him, power utilities want smart lighting systems and smart metering systems under the smart city project, and PCBs have good demand there. “We’re also looking at smart solutions for solar and wind energy sectors,” Srinivasan said.

Syrma’s EMS Facilities in India

Syrma specializes in high-mix, flexible volume precision global OEM manufacturing. We have two manufacturing facilities located in Chennai that are strategically located within India’s Special Economic Zones (SEZs), eliminating domestic tariffs while providing other incentives, including fast-track customs clearances and zero duties for import and export. We have a combined total of 120K sq ft for our two facilities in Chennai. Syrma also has a new facility in Bawal that’s exclusively for our domestic clients, and it’s located within a Domestic Tariff Area (DTA). Both main locations have manual assembly and/or SMT line workers, engineers, and managers. All facilities can easily handle global exports with their increased capacity and are close to major air and seaports. They’re also 100% RoHS compliant and fully certified for international quality standards.

Our team consists of over 1,000-line employees, 50 engineers, 70 administrative staff, and 20 managers. We’re uniquely positioned to assist global OEMs to fully capitalize on opportunities presented by India’s expanding domestic market. We’ve identified strategic locations to develop and bring online world-class infrastructure within government-incentivized locations. These SEZs and IT parks are designed to support the facilities and infrastructure provided by our partners to ensure time to market. In addition to our advantages as a global manufacturing partner, we help our clients successfully introduce products and services into the lucrative Indian domestic market. Our management team is extensively engaged with industry and government leaders in India, leveraging these long-time relationships to assist OEMs in navigating unfamiliar or complex sales channels to enable mutual success. We’ve developed an infrastructure uniquely positioned to assist our global clients in exploring opportunities presented by India’s vast technology markets.

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