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Syrma SGS Creates Test Equipment for Tank Viewfinders

Mar 02, 2022

During the Cold War, India bought a lot of military equipment from Russia such as tanks with viewfinders, some of which are still in use. Many years after being purchased, many tanks experienced issues targeting because the viewfinders were no longer calibrated to work properly with the digital range finder. The Indian government required new test equipment to recalibrate the viewfinders because the original tests and equipment were too old, and Russia no longer made replacements. Syrma SGS tasked our engineers with designing and manufacturing a complete test setup that could be used to test and calibrate the viewfinders. These viewfinders were essential to the operation of the tank, as they were needed to aim accurately. By recalibrating the viewfinders, the Indian government would be able to use the tanks again. To achieve this, viewfinders used by the crew had to be calibrated for the digital range finder, which was used by the tank’s computer for aiming.


Our engineers often use older equipment to return to full functionality with the right test equipment. A little time spent calibrating can save money that would otherwise need to be spent on new equipment. Once the viewfinders had been removed from the tanks, our engineers were able to examine them and design a test setup to check the parameters that indicated whether the viewfinders would agree with the digital range finder or not. The accuracy and stability of the gyro and the supply voltage of the control console were found to be critical for maintaining accuracy, and a testbed was set up to check them. The complete test setup included all the electronic control boards needed to test the viewfinder, simply requiring that the user plug the viewfinder in and turn it on. The viewfinders were successfully tested and recalibrated to allow the Indian government to return the tanks to full working order. By re-aligning the viewfinders and ensuring they worked properly in conjunction with the tank’s digital range finder, the accuracy of the tanks was improved considerably, and targeting was greatly enhanced. In a combat situation, such an improvement would likely lead to lives being saved.

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