Miniature Transformers and Inductors
Miniature Transformers and Inductors – Ushering the future in miniaturized devices

Oct 21, 2022

Miniature transformers and inductors are used in several electronic products and appliances today. Inductors are designed for use in power supplies of smart phones, tablet PCs, digital cameras and other mobile devices where the idea is to have more functionality in small real estate. With developers constantly pushing the envelope of technology to reduce the size of devices while enhancing functionality, the size of each component matters. Inductors are an essential component of modern electrical circuits and have applications as diverse as information processing, wireless circuits, and mobile chargers. The fundamental principle of induction has been the same – coils of wire wound to specifications, since the concept was discovered by physicist Michael Faraday in 1831. There has always been a challenge in miniaturizing inductors since inductance is directly proportional to the volume which means if you reduce the volume by 50%, the inductance also drops by half. *Recent developments are attempting to reduce the size of an inductor to micro-scale dimensions through a quantum effect achieving a required inductance with the volume being a million times smaller! This is sure to pave the way for smaller devices in the future.

Syrma SGS manufactures inductors that operate over a wide range of frequencies, input voltages, and inductance values.  Our magnetic inductors are designed to operate over a wide range of frequencies, input voltages and inductance values. They can be varnish impregnated, moulded, or potted with epoxy in an enclosure. These are available with fly leads, PCB pins, solder terminals, or screw terminals and can be fixed, shielded and use many standard mounting styles. We provide the following magnetic inductors:

  • Air core
  • Common mode
  • Ferrite core
  • Fixed inductors
  • Powdered iron core
  • Power line chokes/filters
  • Shielded inductors
  • Toroidal inductors


Small-sized transformers are used extensively in sensitive electronic appliances such as camcorders, audio devices and various other hand-held devices. These are integrated into electronic circuits to generate the right voltage and have to be accurate, reliable and energy-efficient.

Miniature pulse transformers are used in LAN applications to meet the demands due to increased transmission speeds of Ethernet networks. Also, several transformers are placed on a single circuit board which means the individual component size becomes extremely crucial. Advanced automated winding processes have to be deployed to enable mass production of accurate and reliable devices. This is crucial to ensure performance variations, characteristic of manual winding ensuring consistency and quality.

Syrma SGS Technology’s ferrite core transformers are typically produced up to 500W with a typical frequency of up to 300KHz. Ferrite cores are available in many shapes, including E, EC, EP, ETD, PC (pot), PQ, RM, RS (slab), rods, TC (toroidal), and U. The company manufactures both through-hole and SMD type transformers. Our full line of magnetic transformers include:

  • Ferrite/metal powder/nano-crystalline E core transformers
  • High-frequency toroidal transformers
  • Impedance matching transformers
  • Pot core/RM transformers
  • Other geometries EI/EF/ER/EFD/EP
  • Signal transformers

Syrma offers an exhaustive range of common-mode magnetic chokes, including toroidal core, epoxy-encapsulated, and three-phase chokes. These include:

  • High current chokes for industrial welding
  • Large volume chokes for EMI/RFI filters
  • Bobbin wound, toroidal, SMT, and PTH

For over 40 years, Syrma SGS has been the preferred value creator for its customers through innovative and efficient Electronic System Design and Manufacturing. The company provides a high-mix, flexible volume, precision OEM manufacturing. Syrma’s one-stop-solution Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) includes product design, quick prototyping, PCB assembly, Box build, repair & rework and automatic tester development services. The company is strongly focused on R&D and has produced several innovative solutions leveraging cutting edge design and manufacturing techniques. The company also offers OEM solutions for RFID tags & inlays and high-frequency magnetic components. Syrma SGS serves global OEMs in over 20 countries and has supplied several hundreds of million units.