Syrma Achieves OHSAS 18000 Certification
Syrma Achieves OHSAS 18000 Certification

Mar 09, 2017

San Jose, California, USA – March 9, 2017: Syrma SGS Technology, a leader in electronic design and manufacturing services serving global OEMs, today announced the company’s India production facilities had been officially recommended for Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS) 18000 certification, following a comprehensive safety audit by the UK’s national standards body, BSI Group. With the successful approval for OHSAS 18000 certification, Syrma joins the ranks of over 80K companies in over 180 countries, whose excellence is reflected in their commitment to employee health and safety.

Established by BSI Group in 1999, OHSAS 18000 is widely considered the international benchmark for optimizing overall performance by maintaining a safe, healthy work environment with minimal employee accidents. OHSAS 18000 certification evaluates a company’s framework toward meeting key health and safety objectives, including:

  • Establishment of company-wide standards and procedures within a printed safety manual
  • Implementation of an ongoing program to identify workplace hazards and risks, with appropriate corrective actions
  • Facilitating employee safety education
  • Maintaining a strong document and record management
  • Developing a formal Emergency Response Plan

“Competing on the global stage means adhering to OHSAS guidelines in addition to ISO and other internationally recognized standards. Our skilled manufacturing workforce is our most valued asset, and investing in their well-being is an important part of maintaining the sustainability and overall quality our OEM customers demand,” said Sreeram Srinivasan, Syrma’s CEO.

About Syrma SGS Technology

Syrma provides global OEMs with electronic manufacturing services (EMS), backed by strong engineering expertise, to reduce risk and costs on product designs and manufacturing. From RFID technology and power electronics to turnkey manufacturing services and custom magnetics, we deliver high-mix, flexible volume products for automotive, computing, industrial, medical, power, and telecom companies. Within the last decade, we’ve helped design, manufacture, and market more than 200M products worldwide. Syrma is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tandon Group, a technology holding group that has grown multiple technology companies since 1975.

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