Our Core Values Drive Our Actions: Sreeram Srinivasan

Jul 07, 2021

Tell us more about Syrma’s business and core values:
Syrma technology is a reliable partner for global electronics design and manufacturing services with high core values. We provide global OEMs with world-class electronics manufacturing services (EMS) backed by nearly 40 years of strong engineering and manufacturing services. From custom RFID technology and magnetics to turnkey design and manufacturing services, we deliver high-mix, flexible volume production spanning multiple verticals, including IoT, healthcare, automotive, electric vehicles, telecom & networking, industrial, and other electronic sectors. Syrma aspires to be a partner of choice for start-ups to super brands through its service offerings in electronics design, tester development, quick prototype development, and manufacturing.

We work with Global Fortune 500 companies. Exports constitute over 85% of our sales. Syrma has its footprint established with five state-of-the-art facilities, including Chennai, Bawal in the North, and Bargur near Bangalore for electronics manufacturing. Syrma also has established four other satellite plants in TN to promote the employment of rural women and empower them. Syrma is in the process of merging with SGS Tekniks, an equi-sized company to become over an Rs.1000 Cr. entity post-merger to enhance our geography, capacity, and capability footprints.

How has Syrma built a high trust culture over a period of time?
We have a culture of care and concern for our employees and stakeholders around the motto of “Do the Right Thing.” Our core values drive our actions that include being a responsive and reliable partner, having openness and transparency, and exhibiting a can-do attitude. Our care and concern encompasses providing safe working space for our employees, pay parity, empowering rural women through skilling up and “grow from within” career growth opportunities.

How is Syrma taking care of employees during COVID? 
Except for the initial few weeks after the first lockdown, Syrma has been working because of our essential products manufacturing and continuous process Industry. We had taken all efforts to create a very visible safe, and healthy environment to instill confidence in our workforce. Our top management (we’re over 50 yrs old) were visibly present in the plants through the lockdowns (1st and 2nd wave) to make our employees feel safe to work in the factories and even feel they were safer in the factory than in their villages due to the discipline we enforced on masks and social distancing. Some of the actions we initiated were:

  • Temperature checks as they come in and go out
  • Mask for all employees as they come in and re-layout of the shop to ensure social distancing in every workstation
  • Quick isolation of employees showing even mild symptoms in special isolation rooms
  • Quick testing of primary and secondary contacts of the COVID positive employees
  • Several handwashing stations and frequent sanitization of factory and workstations
  • Hand sanitizer stations every few meters within the plant
  • Having a doctor on call 24×7 for immediate assistance (helping out from unnecessary panic about the common cold, symptoms of COVID, etc.)
  • Having nursing assistance round the clock on the shop floor to check their health status
  • Providing home pick up and drop facilities with sanitization of the vehicles
  • Arranged vaccine camps for our employees

Any other values you’d like to highlight?

Design & Services

  • Syrma evolved with a unique idea called concept co-creation to make the design or design for manufacturing happen faster, meeting customer expectations. The customers come to us with an idea; we then work on that idea to fit all aspects of their requirements and bring it to reality. A dedicated quick prototyping line to complement the design services team brings to life the concept of the customer within a few months.
  • One of Syrma’s core strengths to be highlighted is the significant bill of materials cost reduction at scalable volumes through our relationships with supply chain partners nurtured over 4-decades of our existence in our domain and through suggestions of alternate parts leveraging our expertise in design. We provide in-house product design expertise to start-ups to identify potential pitfalls and get the products faster to market by focusing on the “first-time-right” process.

Empowering Rural Women

  • Syrma offers flexibility by going into villages to set up our satellite factories, giving rural women easy access to industrial work. They’re trained and skilled-up for industrial work practices before on-boarding them onto our lines. They’re also paid during the training period.
  • Syrma provides a safer workplace for women, and more than 95% of our workforce are women. Further, we’ve created safe living spaces that keep them feeling safe even though several hundreds of kilometers away from home.

People Training & Skills

  • Special training programs designed for women employees in our Skill Development Center exclusively on safety & health, rudimentary electronic manufacturing processes, quality improvement programs, and other technical training like soldering/stuffing techniques, etc.,

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