IoT Smart Devices for Home Entertainment
IoT Smart Devices for Home Entertainment

Dec 12, 2019

As the increase of devices falling under the remit of the Internet of things (IoT) continues to connect us to the objects we interact with within our daily lives, the way we entertain ourselves, especially within our homes, is undergoing a major evolution. There’s been a recent explosion in the range of smart home entertainment devices that are now available. From wireless Bluetooth audio systems and smart TVs to voice-activated control systems like the Amazon Echo that respond to your every entertainment-related command and need, home entertainment devices are becoming more intelligent than ever before.

These smart devices offer more than just a simpler user interface and experience. They enhance your viewing and listening experience, whether watching a movie, playing video games, listening to music, or entertaining family and friends. They also bring an increased level of home automation into the mix, with the ability to carry out certain tasks without any input from the user, for example, using a device to automatically adjust lighting and audio environment at a certain time of the day.

  • Smart Entertainment Hubs: You can use a smart device to control multiple home devices using most hubs, including heating, security, lighting, etc. You can also use hubs to play your music via built-in apps or Bluetooth streaming, as well as control other smart devices in your house.
  • Smart LED Televisions: Many smart TVs use built-in Wi-Fi to run apps, like Netflix, directly without using a set-top box and remotely controlling content. On some smart TVs, you can select from over 2,000 streaming channels without the hassle of using multiple devices.
  • Smart Media Projector: Some projectors can display up to 120 inches and are equipped with a computer that powers most of today’s smartphones. They’re also equipped with robust components that allow it to playback video from laptops, cameras, phones, etc.
  • Smart Remote Controls: Some remote controls plug directly into your TV and offer over 2,000 entertainment channels. There’s even one that allows you to control your electronic equipment via your phone directly.
  • Smart Wireless Speakers: New speakers use WI-FI connection and built-in amplifiers to become a modular system, allowing you to add a subwoofer. Some wireless speakers are designed with Bluetooth functionality to deliver music and calls from your phone.

New NB-IoT-Enabled Technology

Narrowband Internet of things (NB-IoT), also known as LTE Cat NB1, is about to connect billions of home entertainment devices in a smarter way, especially in rural environments. NB-IoT is cost-efficient, supports lower-power consumption to use low-cost devices, and provides a wide range of coverage. This low power wide area (LPWA) technology is making economies of scale a valid theory for the IoT industry; it connects virtually anywhere and works with already established mobile networks. These devices can focus on transmission energy without losing performance to a narrower bandwidth, which frees up bandwidth. [1]

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