Latest Smart Electronic Gadgets for Pet Owners
Latest Smart Electronic Gadgets for Pet Owners

Nov 15, 2019

68% of all people in the US live in a house with at least one pet, representing 84.6M households. In 2017, we spent $69.51B on our pets in the US, and the global market is estimated at $109B. Millennials, who have grown up using smart devices and have access to disposable funds, are currently the largest group of pet owners. This data explains why so many companies are now developing new smart pet gadgets, such as the ones listed below: [1,2]

Smart Electronic Devices for Pet Owners

Smart Pet Feeders: The Platinum Pet Fountain provides fresh flowing water, and it’s great for pets of all sizes. The free-falling stream aerates your pet’s drinking water with oxygen, and a replaceable filter helps to remove bad tastes and odors for fresh-tasting water. It’s designed with adjustable flow control that allows you to determine how much water your pet receives. The Wagz Smart Dog Feeder automatically feeds your dog and helps you with ordering dog food and treats. It also has a camera so you can view your dog while you’re away at work and scheduled feedings.

Pet Activity Devices: The WonderWoof Bowtie Doggy Activity Tracker allows you to track just how much exercise your dog is getting. This device comes in different colors and is controlled via the app. The Petcube Play is a monitoring system that allows you to check in on your pets any time of day or view the video history. It has a built-in laser toy so you can interact remotely via an app, or you can set it to autoplay mode to exercise your pet when you’re busy. The iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher will help you play fetch with your dog via your smart device. After your pet places the ball into the top of the iFetch machine, this interactive toy will toss it across the room or yard.

Smart Pet Monitors: PetChatz is a video communications device that allows you to chat and interact with your pet from pretty much anywhere. Just open the app on your phone or computer, hit the chat button, and you instantly go into a silent mode where you can see your pet. The two of you can chat, and you can even press a button to dispense a treat. The Furbo Smart Dog Camera can show you exactly what your dog is doing in real-time, and it only notifies you of dog-related events, like barking. The built-in night vision camera lets you stream video so that you can view what’s going on day and night via the app. It even lets you know if something may be up while you’re out of your house.

Pet Tracking Devices: Whistle 3 is a GPS device and activity tracker that will help keep tabs on your pet at all times. It’s a small device that attaches directly to their collar, so it’s great for all sizes of dogs and cats. You can connect it with the mobile app to monitor your pet’s activity, as well as its location. You can even set a custom safe zone in your home, and anytime your pet leaves that area, you’ll get an alert letting you know where they’ve gone so you can quickly find them.

Smart Cat Litter Boxes: The ScoopFree is virtually a touch-free pet poop cleaning system. After your cat does their business, the crystals absorb some of the wetness and dry out some solid waste. Then, 20 minutes after your cat leaves, sensors activate the cleaning rig, raking the waste into a covered trap so you don’t have to touch it. [3,4]

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