Syrma Uses RFID Technology for Bicycle-Sharing System
Syrma Uses RFID Technology for Bicycle-Sharing System

Jan 22, 2015

San Jose, California, USA – January 6, 2015: Syrma SGS Technology, a leader in electronic design and manufacturing services serving global OEMs, announced it recently designed and implemented an RFID bicycle-sharing system for one of the largest providers in the USA. Bicycle-sharing systems have, in recent years, providing a viable and congestion-reducing transportation option for the urban populace. The self-sustaining system of publicly available bicycles allows riders the convenience of renting bicycles from automated docking stations and returning those at any station in the network, thus promoting environmentally friendly transport.

The first phase of the project has been initiated, and within a few weeks, more than 1,500 cycles will be available for public use at 40 stations across the city. This service will be expanded to approximately 100+ stations in the next 6 months with more than 3K bicycles to dispense, and it’s expected to expand to other major cities in the USA within the next year. Syrma created the solution by integrating RFID technology, which includes a tag and a reader, allowing riders to rent and return bicycles from automated docking stations to any station in the network.

Clients use RFID tags designed as key-fobs to access the bicycles directly at the locking stations, thus reducing the time it takes to access the bicycle. Occasional clients can use the kiosk to pay for and access the bicycles through an easy-to-use interface. The delivery of the entire solution by Syrma has reinforced its working structure in terms of accuracy, time mitigation, and administration, providing simplified frontend and backend user experiences.

“This innovative system opens a host of options for the user like locating nearby bike stations, bike dock availabilities, viewing bike paths, and navigating the destination route. Additional features like automated ticket generation, alerts for maintenance, and offline data capture simplifies the process and yet offer more value to all stakeholders,” said Sreeram Srinivasan, Syrma’s CEO.

About Syrma SGS Technology

Syrma provides global OEMs with electronic manufacturing services (EMS), backed by strong engineering expertise, to reduce risk and costs on product designs and manufacturing. From RFID technology and power electronics to turnkey manufacturing services and custom magnetics, we deliver high-mix, flexible volume products for automotive, computing, industrial, medical, power, and telecom companies. Within the last decade, we’ve helped design, manufacture, and market more than 200M products worldwide. Syrma is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tandon Group, a technology holding group that has grown multiple technology companies since 1975.

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