Syrma Creates VeriSure RFID Anti-Counterfeiting App
Syrma Creates VeriSure RFID Anti-Counterfeiting App

Apr 03, 2014

San Jose, California, USA – April 3, 2014: Syrma SGS Technology, a leader in electronic design and manufacturing services serving global OEMs, announces a complete anti-counterfeiting and product validation mobile application called VeriSure based on RFID and NFC technologies. Syrma, a subsidiary of the Tandon Group, brings this solution to the manufacturing and consumer market to safeguard brands from becoming victims of counterfeiting.

This solution won’t only benefit brand owners but also adds significant value to the end-consumer with the help of Syrma’s VeriSure solution. VeriSure is a mobile app that provides the brand owner, manufacturer, distributor, and end-consumer to verify their product’s authenticity. In a single instance, a user with an NFC-compliant device can gain complete visibility into each stage of the product’s supply chain.

With this core value proposition, Syrma will now offer a one-stop solution addressing this market. The company sees a wide variety of applications for VeriSure, including luxury goods, industrial products, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. Syrma brings strong domain knowledge and experience in the RFID tag and reader design and manufacturing and application technology experience, and deep industry domain knowledge.

“VeriSure will help brand owners protect their brand and better engage with their customers to enhance trust and loyalty. Moreover, it serves as a counterfeit deterrent and helps regain lost revenues due to counterfeiting issues,” said Sreeram Srinivasan, Syrma’s CEO.

About Syrma SGS Technology

Syrma provides global OEMs with electronic manufacturing services (EMS), backed by strong engineering expertise, to reduce risk and costs on product designs and manufacturing. From RFID technology and power electronics to turnkey manufacturing services and custom magnetics, we deliver high-mix, flexible volume products for automotive, computing, industrial, medical, power, and telecom companies. Within the last decade, we’ve helped design, manufacture, and market more than 200M products worldwide. Syrma is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tandon Group, a technology holding group that has grown multiple technology companies since 1975.

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