Smart Appliances as an Smart home enabler

Nov 24, 2022

The modern technology-driven era has gotten so advanced that developing meaningful collaboration between humans and machines has become a lot simple. With advancements in AI in the form of digital assistants, functions such as searching the internet, initiating calls and connecting to devices has become a lot easier. These assisted devices are embedded into smartphones or can serve as a standalone device as well.

Let us take a look a few scenarios where appliances make use of AI and IoT in delivering maximum value to its users:


Smart Refrigerators

What if you can remotely monitor and assign functions to your refrigerators just using your smartphone? What if you can alter the temperature of the fridge right from your mobile device? Or even schedule the temperature of the refrigerator for a specific timeline – you can do that and a lot more using your smartphone.


Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are easily the most commonly used devices that makes use of machine learning and AI. Technically speaking, any speaker that does more than just playing music can be labelled as a smart speaker. Wireless speakers such as Amazon Echo, Apple’s Home Pods or Google Nest have all voice recognition feature enabled backed with Bluetooth, NFC and speakerphone. What this does is that it enables interactions using our mobile phones – thereby making them smart. You can not only ask the smart speaker to play the song you need or read out reminders set, you can use it to control the smart electronic appliances in your home such as smart lighting devices such as bulbs and even the smart security system set for your home.


Smart Air Conditioners

March 2022 was said to be the hottest in India’s 122-year-old recorded history. Also, imagining a day without air conditioner has become impossible, especially during the summer season. Smart and connected ACs have been getting a lot of attention in the last couple of years. Being able to remotely operate your AC using your smartphone while you are reaching home, and feeling the rejuvenation kick in as soon as you step in your home – thanks to IoT and advancements in technologies. Further to this, you can control your AC with voice controls as well. With ML and AI capabilities imbibed in ACs, the temperatures will be automatically adjusted based on the room temperature and customer preferences.


Smart TV

The traditional TVs that can display content only from a HDTC antenna or cable or A/V source – are technologies of decades back. The modern day “Smart” TVs are powered by powerful processors, internet connectivity and easy-to-navigate software. They support a huge range of apps and can be used to playing high definition games, checking social media and a lot more. They come with inbuilt voice recognition tools such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant which makes it convenient for users to switch channels, search for specific apps, alter the volume and perform a whole lot of functionalities.

The smart TVs support 802.11 ac Wi-Fi and the latest models support the Wi-Fi 6 standard, which calls for fast seamless steaming of movies online as well as great online gaming capabilities. With Xbox and PlayStation more focused on cloud gaming, smart TVs powered by the latest and greatest technologies can be game-changer. Moreover, Smart TVs are being used by businesses such as real estates, supermarkets, retail outlets for digital signage purposes where they serve dynamic video content to their customers.


Smart Kitchen

An area composed of kitchen equipment that is connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is referred to as Smart Kitchen. These equipment found in smart kitchens connect with your smartphone or tablet, allowing users to control appliances remotely. The key benefits associated with smart kitchens are: increased output, lower overhead costs and high safety. Ovens, grills, coffee makers and dishwashers have all turned smart with the help of IoT technologies. Restaurants are making use of smart kitchens to improve many aspects of their business such as faster preparation times, energy-efficiency and better quality of food.


The Present and Future – What Unfolds

During and after the unprecedented times that followed COVID, most offices have switched to hybrid or a full work from home model. This has encouraged most professionals to put in considerable effort towards making their home comfortable in every possible way. What better way to make your home comfortable than making it “Smart”?

With multiple players trying to enter the smart home market, it is going to be a highly competitive space to be in. On the other hand, consumers are going to be filled with lots of choices. The companies that come up with the best products and value for the end consumer will definitely “outsmart” the others in the competition.


Our Expertise in the field of manufacturing

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