What does the future hold for Electric Vehicle Telematics
What does the future hold for Electric Vehicle Telematics?

Jan 19, 2023

Telematics is the use of telecommunications to provide information about the status and location of a vehicle. Telematics can be used to monitor a vehicle’s location, speed, fuel level, engine diagnostics, and other parameters.

Vehicle telematics is a relatively new technology that has been around the market for less than 10 years. It has been used in many different ways, but it is most commonly used to track vehicles and monitor their performance. The first use of vehicle telematics was in the military, where it was used to monitor the location and status of vehicles. This technology was then adapted for use in commercial applications such as fleet management, logistics, and emergency response.

Telematics in Electric Vehicles

Telematics in Electric Vehicles


Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular. They are not only environmentally friendly, but they also have a lower cost of ownership. The future of electric vehicles is bright. The number of electric cars on the road is increasing every year and the number of charging stations is also increasing.

EV telematics system provides in-depth analysis and insights for fleet owners. This includes information about the driver’s whereabouts and how well the person is driving the vehicle. It also allows fleet owners to set up notification and alerts when drivers are speeding, getting involved in unauthorized driving, potential accidents or breakdowns.

How do EV telematics systems operate?

In-vehicle hardware and cloud-based technologies are combined to make EV telematics function. Though no two telematics systems are exactly alike, the hardware component is often plugged into the vehicle or attached to the on-board diagnostics port, where it gathers data and transmits through an internet network to an online platform.

Fleet managers can then access all the data and insights through a dashboard. This dashboard shows detailed information on performance metrics that are tracked over time and in real time, which they can use to make important decisions and design effective routes, among other things.

Advantages of EV telematics

Fleet Management

Many last-mile delivery vehicles are now battery-powered. Field service managers may develop effective route management strategies, benchmark vehicle use, keep an eye on charge reporting, and assess how well their plans are working to cut costs and emissions.

Firmware Update

The telematics device can also serve as a bridge for firmware updates of the ECU and electronics within an electric car due to ongoing improvements in charging algorithms and software for electric vehicles. A server and an OTA update mechanism can be attached to the telematics device with LTE connectivity for updates.

Driving Experience

When operating an electric car, it is crucial for the driver to be aware of its range, locate its nearest charging station, and plan his route accordingly. The Telematics device can locate the vehicle and can also assist in pre-reserving the charging place at a station to reduce waiting time.

Notifications and Alerts

The telematics systems can assess the battery level and notify the driver through SMS that they must locate a parking area right away. To prevent problematic circumstances on the road, the telematics system can also send out emergency alerts regarding battery problems in real time.

Charging Analytics

Telematics can help keep track of the battery’s health and charge level as well as supply important information needed to enhance vehicle algorithms. Electric vehicle manufacturers are always adopting upgrades and improvements in terms of battery size, weight and charging time.

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