Good Corporate Governance is key to sustainably maximizing shareholder value. In order to achieve good Corporate Governance, we apply sound management practices, comply with the laws in letter and spirit and adhere to the highest standards of transparency and business ethics. We greatly emphasize integrity of our employees, safety of our employees & communities, transparency in decision making, fair & ethical dealings with all and accountability to all stakeholders.

“Good corporate governance is about maximizing shareholder value on a sustainable basis while ensuring fairness to all stakeholders: customers, vendor partners, investors, employees, government and society.”

-N. R. Narayana Murthy

Corporate Governance Details

Board of Directors

Sandeep TandonExecutive Chairman
Jasbir Singh GujralManaging Director
Jaideep TandonNon-Executive Director
Sridhar NarayanNon-Executive Director
Jayesh DoshiNon-Executive Director
Anil NairIndependent Director
Hetal GandhiIndependent Director
Smita JatiaIndependent Director
Bharat AnandIndependent Director
Kunal ShahIndependent Director

Statutory Committees

Sr. NoCommittee NameMembers
1Audit CommitteeMr. Hetal Gandhi (Independent Director – Chairperson)

Mr. Bharat Anand (Independent Director)

Mr. Jasbir Singh Gujral (Managing Director)

2Nomination and Remuneration CommitteeMr. Hetal Gandhi (Independent Director – Chairperson)

Ms. Smita Jatia (Independent Director)

Mr. Jayesh Doshi (Non-Executive Director)

3Corporate Social Responsibility CommitteeMr. Anil Nair (Independent Director – Chairperson)

Mr. Sandeep Tandon (Executive Director)

Mr. Jaideep Tandon (Non-Executive Director)

4Stake Holders Relationship CommitteeMr. Kunal Shah (Independent Director – Chairperson))

Ms. Smita Jatia (Independent Director)

Mr. Jayesh Doshi (Non-Executive Director)

Codes and Policies

Code for Independent Directors

Code of Conduct for Prohibition of Insider Trading

CSR Policy

Dividend Distribution Policy

Familiarization Programs for Independent Directors

Nomination and Remuneration Policy

Policy for Preservation and Archival of Documents

Policy on Related Party Transactions

Terms and Conditions of Appointment of Independent Directors

Whistleblower Policy

Policy on Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Policy for determination of materiality of events

Risk Management Policy

Policy for determination of Material Subsidiary

Syrma SGS Materiality Policy

Authorised Personnels for Determining Materiality of Events

Financial Information Details

Company Financials

Financial Statement - FY18-19

Financial Statement - FY19-20

Financial Statement - FY20-21 (Standalone)

Financial Statement - FY20-21 (Consolidated)

Financial Statement - FY21-22 (Standalone)

Financial Statement - FY21-22 (Consolidated)

Subsidiary Financials

SGS Tekniks - FY18-19 (Consolidated)

SGS Tekniks - FY19-20 (Consolidated)

SGS Tekniks - FY20-21 (Consolidated)

SGS Tekniks - FY18-19 (Standalone)

SGS Tekniks - FY19-20 (Standalone)

SGS Tekniks - FY20-21 (Standalone)

Perfect ID - FY18-19

Perfect ID - FY19-20

Perfect ID - FY20-21 (Standalone)

Perfect ID - FY20-21 (Consolidated)

SGS Tekniks - FY21-22 (Standalone)

SGS Tekniks - FY21-22 (Consolidated)

Perfect ID - FY21-22 (Standalone)

Perfect ID - FY21-22 (Consolidated)

Group Companies

Group Companies Financials

Annual Reports

Directors Report FY 2022

Annual Return

Annual Return FY 2021 - 2022

Other Information

List of Overdue Creditors

IPO Details

16.51 Syrma SGS Prospectus


A01 Offer Agreement

A02 Amendment Agreement to the Offer Agreement

A03 Registrar Agreement

A04 Cash Escrow and Sponsor Bank Agreement

A05 Share Escrow Agreement

A06 Syndicate Agreement

A07 Underwriting Agreement

A08 Monitoring agency agreement


B02 COI Sep 2021

B02 Syrma COI 2004

B03 Fresh COI- Public co Oct 2021

B04 CTC BM IPO Resolution Nov 13, 2021

B05 CTC EGM IPO Resolution Nov 20, 2021

B06 CTC BM Nov 13, 2021 Consent of Selling SH

B07 CTC BM Approval of DRHP Dec 13, 2021

B08 CTC Allotment of Equity Shares Pre-IPO May 05, 2022

B08 CTC BM Private placement Pre-IPO May 03 2022

B08 CTC EGM Private placement Pre-IPO May 03 2022

B09 Pre-IPO Buyback Undertaking for IIFL Special Opportunities Fund – Series 10

15.39 B09 Pre-IPO Buyback Undertaking for IIFL Special Opportunities fund- series 9

B09 Pre-IPO Buyback Undertaking for Malabar Midcap Fund

B09 Pre-IPO Buyback Undertaking for Malabar Select Fund

B10 Syrma BR RHP Aug 04, 2022

B10.1 CTC of Board Resolution Approving Prospectus

B11 VKT Consent of Selling Shareholder

B12 Consent F&S

B13 Signed LOA F&S

B14 Industry Report F&S 14 July 2022

B15 A Signed Consent Letter

B15 Consolidated Audit Report YE 31 March 2022

B15 Signed Consolidated Examination Report on Restated FS

B15 Signed Proforma Report

B15 Signed Standalone Audit Report YE 31 March 22

B15 Standalone Examination Report on Restated Financial Information




B19 Signed AUP on Statement of Sources and Funds Deployed

B20 Syrma SGS - ICE Siva Consent Letter July 13, 2022

B22 Consent from the Monitoring Agency 04 08 22

B22 Consent KMP

B22 Consent Letters ID

B22 Consent Letters Non ID Directors

B22 HDFC Bank Consent letter for Banker to Issue

B22.0 Consent Letter - I-sec

B22.0 Consent Trilegal and IIFL

B22.0 DAM Capital - Lead Manager Consent

B22.0 Project Ojas - Consent Letter (KCO)

B22.0 Syrma SGS Technology Limited- Consent from the Link intime

B22.0 Syrma SGS Technology Limited-Sharekhan Consent

B23 Share Sale and Purchase and Shareholders Agreement 23 October 2020

B24 SPA-Syrma-SGS-Clean - 16.09.2021_Signed


B26 JT Holdings_Hyderabad Term Sheet_signed

B27 Syrma Tovya AGreement

B28 PID_Investment agreement signed

B29 Amended and Restated Shareholders' Agreement 16.09.21

B30 Amended SHA 25.11.2021

B31 Signed DPR M&B

B32 Signed - DPR - Chennai

B33 Syrma - DPR - Hosur

B34 Signed - DPR - Hyderabad

B35 Syrma-Tripartite Agreement_NSDL


B37 SEBI Due Diligence Certificate

B38 NSE Inprinciple approval Letter

B38 Syrma SGS_IP_BSE

B39 Response to Initial Observations Jan 27, 2022

B39 Response to SEBI Observations March 03, 2022

B40 Annexure I

B40 Annexure II

B40 Exemption Application

B40 Exemption approval letter

B41 SEBI Observation letter April 30, 2022

B41 SEBI Observation letter dated May 05, 2022

Disclosure Details

Shareholding Pattern FY 22-23

Shareholding IPO

Reconciliation of Share capital Reg 76 FY 22-23

Confirmation certificate from RTA Reg 74 FY 22-23

Board Meets – Intimation

Outcome of Board Meeting FY 22-23

Monitoring Agency Report


Investors Earning Call / Transcript

Q2 Investor Call

Q2 Investor Transcript

Q3 Investor Call

Q3 Investor Transcript

Investors Meet Intimation




Press Release

Press Release December 2022

Good Performance for the Quarter & Half Year ended September 2022

Related Party Transactions

Annual General Meeting

18th AGM Notice

Disclosure Under PIT

Closure of Trading Window Notice Q4

Closure of Trading Window Notice Q3

Closure of Trading Window Notice Q2

SDD Certificate Q2

SDD Certificate Q3

Familiarisation program for Independent Directors

FY 22-23

Compliance Certificate issued in terms of Reg 40 (9)

FY 22-23

Certificate regarding maintenance of physical & electronic share transfer facilities at Registrar and Share Transfer Agent under Regulation 7(3)

FY 22-23

General Disclosure

Statement of Deviation Q2

Statement of Deviation Q3

Investor Contacts Details

For Grievance Redressal:

Rahul N Sinnarkar
Company Secretary and Compliance Officer
Address: Plot No.B27, Phase II, Zone B, MEPZ-SEZ, Tambaram, Chennai – 600045
Tel: +91 44 7172 8600

Investor Contacts

Link Intime India Private Limited
(Registrar and Transfer Agent)
Mr. Chetan Chaudhari

Team Leader – Processing

C 101, 247 Park, L.B.S. Marg,
Vikhroli (West),
Mumbai 400 083

Tel: 022-49186270
Fax: 022-49186060
Toll Free: 1800 1020 878

Syrma SGS Technology Limited
Rahul N Sinnarkar

Company Secretary and Compliance Officer

Plot No. B27, Phase II, Zone B,
MEPZ-SEZ, Tambaram,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600045

+91 44 7172 8600